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Our aim is to make sure we have a chance of being the best possible fit for your unique needs and circumstances before we start working together.  We also want to be able to hit the ground running by having a good idea of how we can help if we both decide to move forward.

The more we know about where you are financially, the better prepared we are to help you reach your goals!
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We focus on three core offerings provided as separate and distinct services.

Be sure to review pricing and complete details of our services at

Comprehensive Financial Planning:  An ongoing planning relationship with a CFP® pro for a flat annual fee, paid monthly or quarterly.
Pricing:  Initial start-up fee of $1,500 - $3,000 covers a comprehensive financial plan and first 3 months of service.  Ongoing fee thereafter of $100 - $250 per month based on income/complexity.

Investment Management:  Tailor-made investment portfolios based on your individual goals, time horizons, risk tolerance, and liquidity needs for a simple annual fee.
Pricing:  Annual fee of 0.50% of assets managed.

One-Time Project:  A one-time engagement for answers to a few specific questions, or help with a specific task such as tax preparation.  One flat fee based on project scope and complexity.
Pricing:  Based on project scope/complexity.

Now, some quick financial questions...

If you're looking for advice for both you and your spouse / partner, be sure to answer based on your household finances rather than your finances alone.
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Starting a family?  Getting ready for retirement?  Climbing Mount Everest?  Let us know!
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